Thursday Updates In One Post!

This is something new I am going to try out. It is called Thursday Updates. Most of the stuff I post on Thursdays will show up here! I am going to try this for one month and see how it goes. Now, lets start:



New Room Music

CP updated their room music! They updated the Snow Forts, the Dojo and the Plaza. You might have a hard time hearing the one at the Snow Forts.

Best Day Ever New CP Song

CP made a new song. There is no video, so I can’t post it. 🙁 So to see it you need to open CP’s home page, scroll down, and you should see it next to the one that talks about Penguin Style. You also might need to reload the page.


New Penguin Style

The new Penguin Style came out! It has awesome outfits! But, I can’t find any of the hidden items. The catalog has a lot of cool items!

New Stage Play

The stage updated with a new stage play! But, the catalog did not update. So to see the outfits for this stage play you need to find the name on the list that shows up around the first page and click the name of the stage play.


New Home Page Slider

CP added a new pic to there slider.

Penguin Cup Stadium

The Stadium from the Penguin Cup stayed! It looks and works the same way from the Penguin Cup. The only updated part is that the spot to take you to igloos will now take you to CP’s School.


The info in the other part will almost always be shorter.


Club Penguin Updates Tomorrow

Club Penguin updates tomorrow! Here is a list of updates:

Igloo Furniture.

New EPF Message

*New Igloo or two.*

Ones that have * are ones that might not come. Also if you have any ideas for the blog, you can send ideas, I might use them!


Week Updates

There are some new things at Club Penguin. Here are the updates.

  1. There are new igloo items.
  2. Rainbow Puffles are going to the Dock, Forest, and Ski Village.
  3. New EPF messag saying “Heya agents! Got some construction going around the Pet Shop–would ya mind keeping an eye out? This is an important event — I need extra security!
  4. The game Stadium Defender has a new pic in your stamp book if you got all the stamps.
  5. You can play Soccer at the Stadium again.

I think that was all the updates. And, want to see me meeting a Rainbow Puffle? Then look at this video:

You can see the Rainbow Puffles every 5 minutes. If you are at the Dock Forest or Ski Village.