Unknown Mascot?

I was in CP files today and found this:


This thing does not have a name! I also found this:


It looks like he is hiding. Does anyone remember the Fog Forest?  Here is a pic of the Fog Forest:


This room could be related to the mascot. (I still don’t know if it is a mascot, all I found was the two pics of him I posted)

Update: I was on CP Wki and found some gifs of the mascot! I saw them on a blog post by a user named Redidy Penguin, so he gets the credit for the gifs. Here are the gifs:




Thursday Updates In One Post!

This is something new I am going to try out. It is called Thursday Updates. Most of the stuff I post on Thursdays will show up here! I am going to try this for one month and see how it goes. Now, lets start:



New Room Music

CP updated their room music! They updated the Snow Forts, the Dojo and the Plaza. You might have a hard time hearing the one at the Snow Forts.

Best Day Ever New CP Song

CP made a new song. There is no video, so I can’t post it. 🙁 So to see it you need to open CP’s home page, scroll down, and you should see it next to the one that talks about Penguin Style. You also might need to reload the page.


New Penguin Style

The new Penguin Style came out! It has awesome outfits! But, I can’t find any of the hidden items. The catalog has a lot of cool items!

New Stage Play

The stage updated with a new stage play! But, the catalog did not update. So to see the outfits for this stage play you need to find the name on the list that shows up around the first page and click the name of the stage play.


New Home Page Slider

CP added a new pic to there slider.

Penguin Cup Stadium

The Stadium from the Penguin Cup stayed! It looks and works the same way from the Penguin Cup. The only updated part is that the spot to take you to igloos will now take you to CP’s School.


The info in the other part will almost always be shorter.


Server Hack Warning!!!

Update: I think he was ban. But, if you see something happen to a server like odd postcards send’t out getting ban as soon as you log in that kind of stuff please tell me.

This is more of a warning then a real server hack. This is a live post just so you know. I found a penguin named: Lolnok Cp1. He is a fake beta and a new user! Penguins with the name Lolnok and a other Lolnok (I can’t remember his name) hacked the server Blizzard. I think this is the same guy and I think he is getting ready for a new hack! Any thing can happen to a server until he is ban! I would stay off of the servers in this list:

  • Blizzard. (His first server hack was there)
  • Sleet. (That’s where I found him)
  • Zipline. (Zipline is the next biggest server the first is blizzard)

If someone see a penguin with the word Lolnok in is name please tell me.


Protobot News

I found out some more news about Future Party. Pup1one found a new CP tune on sound cloud. It’s a cool tune, but it sound like the EPF HQ music but mixed up. Pup1one said that Herbert might come (and he might be right) but I think Protobot will come instead! A CP wikia user found out he has a player id, and a bug a year or two ago let penguins add him! And, as you know CP showed pics of robots and Protobot is also a robot. Also, the server blizzard has not been hacked again but I think the hacker might do it again on the weekend, so this is just a small warning

New Stage Play and EPF Message

I am trying something new – it is two posts in one. It is like the weekly updates post I once made .

New Stage Play

There is a new stage play at the stage. It is: Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


New EPF Message

There is a new EPF message. What it says will be added soon.



Backyard for Puffles

Polo Field made a blog post saying that igloos will soon have backyards! Here is a sneak peek:

You will get to have 40 puffles and a room to keep them in. And the best part is, puffles keep their stats while they are in the backyard. But when it comes, you can only have 10 puffles in your igloo. Polo Field said that this update comes on the 22nd.


Week Updates and Sneak Peeks for Coins for Change

Well, the blog events for Christmas are going to be every week. It’s getting hard to keep up with. And Club Penguin updated. First up I am going to post the Coins for Change sneak peeks. Here they are:

1 2 3

It looks cool how you can buy trains and stuff like that. Now, the week updates. First there is a new penguin style.



The Stadium updated again.



And the post cards updated – you can even send an item. Right now you can’t use the item, but when you can it will be updated in this post.

Update: Now, if you have the post card you can have the item.