Waddle On Episode 6

There is a new Waddle On. Club Penguin said there is a secret in this episode. Here is the video:

There are three things that might be the secret Club Penguin is making. Here is a list of stuff that might come:

  • Day and night on Club Penguin.
  • Igloo neighbors.
  • Getting to see igloos that are on the My penguin app.

I have seen penguins ask for night on Club Penguin.


Polo and Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest – Episodes 1 and 2

Club Penguin is doing a small Youtube TV show for the Card Jitsu Party. They already made parts one and two, so instead of copying and pasting two videos, I recorded the two and made it one video. Here is the video:

The party starts on Thursday.