Card Jitsu Snow Bug

There is a bug with Card Jitsu Snow. When you scroll over Tuck’s Cave the Challenge Tusk sight will show up on the path to the bridge. Here is a pic:

Also the blog is almost to 10000 views!


Sensei’s Blurry

I was in the Fire Dojo and I realized that Sensei was blurry. I went to the Water Dojo and that Sensei was blurry to! Here is a pic of the two Senseis:

The New Sensei in the Dojo looks like this:

I think when Club Penguin updated Sensei it gave the other Senseis a bug.


Is Tusk a Shadow Ninja?

I was looking at the Card Jitsu Saga you get by playing Card Jitsu Snow. And, the last video you get shows that you beat Tusk – but I realized that he turned into a shadow when he escaped! Take a look:

If Card Jitsu Shadow is real I think the story will continue.



Card Jitsu Snow Tips and Cheats

Card Jitsu Snow came out and I wanted to post cheats and tips for it. So in this post I will tell you tips for beating Sly, Scrap, Tank, and Tusk and tips for Water Ninjas, Fire Ninjas, and Snow ninjas. The cheats are in a list so you can find them easier.


  • Play as all ninjas once when you are new at the game so you can find out which one you are best at.
  • The Water Ninja can take more hits then the Snow and Fire Ninjas.
  • The Snow Ninja has long range but the attacks don’t do as much damage.
  • When the Fire Ninja uses a power card on Sly, Scrap, Tank, or Tusk they skip their turn.

Sly, Tank, and Scrap

  • Sly’s attacks do more damage from far away then up close.
  • One Snow Ninja can take down two Tanks.
  • The easiest way two beat Sly is as a water ninja.
  • Scrap attacks the ninja closest to him.
  • Scrap also attacks the weakest ninja.


  • When he shoots ice icicles he has enough to attack two lanes of the board.
  • The two safest spots on the board are under him and over him, like this: 
  • Sensei will help out with a power card every three turns.
  • Sensei has a pattern for power cards, it is: Fire, Water, Snow.
  • When he makes a wave of ice, if you are behind someone it will do less damage to you.
  • When you lose with other users, try to get in the middle and then when Sensei uses a snow power card it will heal you.

Hope this helped.


Polo and Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest – Episodes 1 and 2

Club Penguin is doing a small Youtube TV show for the Card Jitsu Party. They already made parts one and two, so instead of copying and pasting two videos, I recorded the two and made it one video. Here is the video:

The party starts on Thursday.


Card Jitsu Snow Sneak Peek Video!

Club Penguin made a new video, it’s a sneak peek for Card Jitsu Snow. I cannot copy and paste it, so I recorded it myself. Here is the video:

Card Jitsu Snow comes in two weeks.


New Sensei Look Found

As you know, Card Jitsu Snow is coming and Club Penguin is making a new look for Sensei! And, I know what it looks like! Here is a pic:

I like the new outfit that Club Penguin made. I would make the pic bigger, but if it gets bigger it will be in pixels (Pixels are like small squares that make pics and shapes if you did not know).


I Met Sensei

I got to meet Sensei today! It was a long wait, but I did it. Now all I have to meet is the penguin band, all of them. I got a pic of Sensei to. Here it is:

I think this is the first time a mascot went on Club Penguin when a party was not going on. I got his BG too, and this time there was no bug. And I think he will come on again at 4:00 PST. I am happy I met him, I was out of things to blog!