Rockhopper’s New Background and Player Card

You can now meet Rockhopper on Club Penguin. He has a new look and new background. Here is a pic of his new Background:

He also has a new player card, but a bug made it so you cant see it. But I do have a small part of it. Here is the part of his player card that I have:

Update: I had to meet Rockhopper, but I did get a pic of his full player card!


Club Penguin Chismas was yesterday!

Hi. I was going to make a blog post yesterday, but it was Christmas! I was having lot’s of fun so I forgot. But, I did make it onto CP and the new color white came out! Here is a pic of my famous penguin with it:

Cool, right? Well that’s all, bye.


Club Penguin Meeting Rockhopper!

Hi. This morning I saw Rockhopper! I got a pic of him too! Here:

He has two hats!!! Well, that’s all. Bye.