Puffle Digging Cheats and Post Week Is Over

Post Week is over. Sorry, today is too busy. I found more puffle digging cheats. Here is a list of puffle digging cheats:

  • The older your puffle is, the better they are at digging.
  • Not doing any thing for two minutes makes it easier to find coins.
  • The Rainbow Puffle room has a lot of coins and items.


Puffle Digging Cheats

Puffles can dig for coins. Here is a list of tips and cheats for finding coins:

  1. Rainbow Puffles find coins easy and fast but most of the time you will get under 30 coins.
  2. Waving and dancing does not help you find coins faster.
  3. Once a coin bag is found, a new one will end up in a room.
  4. Coin bags can be found all over the island.
  5. Dojos get coin bags a lot.

This list might update every now and then.