Club Penguin New cheat

Today I am going to tell you a cheat! Ever wanted to get on the last part of¬†Operation Blackout? Well, here’s how:

1. First, go to herbert’s HQ and go through all the rooms, but stop at the laser.

2. Now, leave the room but click the maps when the loading screen pops up. Here is a pic of what to click:

This cheat is about timing. I hope you like the cheat! But for now, bye.

Club Penguin EPF chapter 4

I know I have not been doing party cheats, but I am now! Here are cheats for chapter 4!

First, when you login, click the files.

Now, if you do not have all the items, get all of them!

Ok, go to Herbert’s HQ and go through all the rooms until you get stuck.

And now, put on the item that you need on your penguin and now you now are past.

And last you click the computer and play the game.

Hope this helps. Bye.