Igloo Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin got a new igloo and new igloo items! The new igloo is a secret base. Here is the igloo:

Here are some pics of the new igloo items:

Ones with green clicks around then have a hidden item.


Igloo Hunt – First One In 2013

I missed the last Igloo Hunts, so this might be the last one. But I picked Iwantpizza for the Igloo Hunt. I did not pick him because I like pizza. I picked him because not a lot of penguins know he is a worker. Here is his igloo:

It does not have lots of igloo items, but it has a place for me to sit ­čÖé


How To Get Mascots In Your Igloo

Before I tell you the cheat, I want to tell you that Pup1one was the one who found this cheat. To do this cheat, first you go to your igloo and open a mascot(s) player card. Leave it open and go to a different igloo (You have to be the maker of the igloo) and you’ve got a mascot in your igloo. This is a pic of me doing the cheat:

You can do this to Club Penguin workers to! And, thanks again, Pup1one.


Igloo Hunt Was I Late?

I think I was late for Igloo Hunt. But I did get a penguin for it. And the penguin is Rsnail. A worker who helped with Penguin Chat. This is his igloo:

This is the only pic I found. I bet I could get a new one but I wanted this post up.


How To Get Igloo items On the Wall of Your Igloo

I was on Club Penguin and I found out there is a way to get some igloo items on the wall of your igloo! First, you need to have the some igloo items from this month’s┬ácatalog┬á Now, when you have the items. You need to have a igloo. (Long igloos work best) And now move the items up as high as you can. Here is a pic of me doing the cheat.

The items in the pic works the best. Hope you like the cheat.


You Pick For Igloo Hunt

I am getting ready Igloo Hunt. And this time I am letting you pick. So I picked three penguins and you can vote for your favorite.

What CP Worker Should I Pick For Igloo Hunt?

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Polo Field is a blogger and does videos for CP.

Businesmoose is a blogger like Polo Field. and does videos for CP.

Tour Guide is seen in some videos. and is a worker for CP.

In a week, the penguin with the most votes gets to win Igloo Hunt. Have fun voting!


Igloo Hunt Starts Now

Hi. I think it would be cool if there was an igloo of the month for CP workers and penguins like them. So I came up with Igloo Hunt. It is where I pick CP worker’s igloos, and penguins like that. My first one is Happy77. This penguin is not a worker but she was one. So here is here igloo:


I like this igloo because it has some igloo items that are hard to find. My next Igloo Hunt will be in a week.

Club Penguin My party hats

Hi. I wanted to make party hats, so I did! Here are my hats:

Christmas hat!

Really Blue!

Well, I do not know what’s cool about this one. Oh wait, I made it.

This is my favorite.

Same one, but on a penguin.

Like my hats? I am sending my hat ideas to CP. Well, that’s all. Bye.