Igloo Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin got a new igloo and new igloo items! The new igloo is a secret base. Here is the igloo:

Here are some pics of the new igloo items:

Ones with green clicks around then have a hidden item.


Igloo Hunt – First One In 2013

I missed the last Igloo Hunts, so this might be the last one. But I picked Iwantpizza for the Igloo Hunt. I did not pick him because I like pizza. I picked him because not a lot of penguins know he is a worker. Here is his igloo:

It does not have lots of igloo items, but it has a place for me to sit šŸ™‚


How To Get Mascots In Your Igloo

Before I tell you the cheat, I want to tell you that Pup1one was the one who found this cheat. To do this cheat, first you go to your igloo and open a mascot(s) player card. Leave it open and go to a different igloo (You have to be the maker of the igloo) and you’ve got a mascot in your igloo. This is a pic of me doing the cheat:

You can do this to Club Penguin workers to! And, thanks again, Pup1one.


Igloo Hunt Was I Late?

I think I was late for Igloo Hunt. But I did get a penguin for it. And the penguin isĀ Rsnail. A worker who helped with Penguin Chat. This is his igloo:

This is the only pic I found. I bet I could get a new one but I wanted this post up.


How To Get Igloo items On the Wall of Your Igloo

I was on Club Penguin and I found out there is a way to get some igloo items on the wall of your igloo! First, you need to have the some igloo items from this month’sĀ catalogĀ  Now, when you have the items. You need to have a igloo. (Long igloos work best) And now move the items up as high as you can. Here is a pic of me doing the cheat.

The items in the pic works the best. Hope you like the cheat.


You Pick For Igloo Hunt

I am getting ready Igloo Hunt. And this time I am letting you pick. So I picked three penguins and you can vote for your favorite.

What CP Worker Should I Pick For Igloo Hunt?

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Polo Field is a blogger and does videos for CP.

Businesmoose is a blogger likeĀ Polo Field. and does videos for CP.

Tour Guide is seen in some videos. and is a worker for CP.

In a week, the penguin with the most votes gets to win Igloo Hunt. Have fun voting!


Igloo Hunt Starts Now

Hi. I think it would be cool if there was an igloo of the month for CP workers and penguins like them. So I came up with Igloo Hunt. It is where I pick CP worker’s igloos, and penguins like that. My first one is Happy77. This penguin is not a worker but she was one. So here is here igloo:


I like this iglooĀ becauseĀ it has some igloo items that are hard to find. My next Igloo Hunt will be in a week.

Club Penguin My party hats

Hi. I wanted to make party hats, so I did! Here are my hats:

Christmas hat!

Really Blue!

Well, I do not know what’s cool about this one. Oh wait, I made it.

This is my favorite.

Same one, but on a penguin.

Like my hats? I am sending my hat ideas to CP. Well, that’s all. Bye.