Comic Page is Open

I made a comic page for the site! It will get more comics soon and I will try to make a new one every day. My first comic is named Big Boom Pup. I put party of my penguin’s name in it. And this is my first comic:

Pup2602' club penguin comic

I like this one. I will not all ways make a post for a new comic so to see if there’s a new one you have to go to the page.



Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

Hi. You know the the Snow Dojo and Card Jitsu Snow is coming this year! But you might not know that there may be a new game or suit. If the game comes, the name will be Card Jitsu Shadow. Here are some sneak peeks:

In my first pic you can see that Happy77, a worker that quit, is wearing the suit! And my second one shows the card. And my last one is a penguin with the face item 😮 Once I get a reply from my first CP email, I will send this.

Update. I was on CP wiki and saw this:

Update. I was looking to see if there are more hints to Card Jitsu Shadow. And there is! There is a card where your penguin turns into a shadow ninja! Big hint. I do not have this card, but if you want to try to get it, it is in card jitsu water packs and it has to be the 2nd wave. I will keep on looking to see if this card is real. And the game.


Club Penguin Chismas was yesterday!

Hi. I was going to make a blog post yesterday, but it was Christmas! I was having lot’s of fun so I forgot. But, I did make it onto CP and the new color white came out! Here is a pic of my famous penguin with it:

Cool, right? Well that’s all, bye.