Win a Comic

My first contest is now off because it was not doing good. So this time I have one that everyone can enter! This time you win a comic. I am giving out three! The comic will not be on my comic page. I need a place to send it to. I will get that from the comment. So this time everyone can enter.


Card Jitsu Snow – Where is the Snow Dojo?

Club Penguin made a new post on the blog today, with a new Card Jitsu Snow sneak peek. Here is the sneak peek:

I think it is a sneak peek of the suit because it does not look like much. But you can see part of the suit. I think the test for the game will be this Thursday. Or next Thursday. And that button contest winner gets a rare button. I think I came up with a way that you do not have to have a blog to enter! But first you need to wait until this contest is over.

Win a Button For Your Blog

UPDATE. This is off because I have a way so every one can enter!

Soon the blog will have three thousand visits! So I am doing a giveaway. All I need is a link to your site or blog. I need your penguins name. And I need a place to send the code to. Sorry that you have to have a blog. To enter this contest you need to leave a comment and that is how I’ll get your blog’s name. I am trying to think of a contest where you do not need a blog.

UPDATE. This button will not be on the button page and will have your penguins name on it!