Club Penguin Snowball bug

Hi. I was on CP and I went to my frost bite igloo and tried to throw a snowball ūüôā My penguin picked up a snowball. But, when he threw it, you cannot see it! So I went to a new igloo and I can throw snowballs!

Club Penguin Chismas was yesterday!

Hi. I was going to make a blog post¬†yesterday,¬†but it was Christmas! I was having lot’s of fun so I forgot. But, I did make it onto CP and the new color white came out! Here is a pic of my famous penguin with it:

Cool, right? Well that’s all, bye.


Club Penguin Meeting Rockhopper!

Hi. This morning I saw Rockhopper! I got a pic of him too! Here:

He has two hats!!! Well, that’s all. Bye.


Club Penguin Holiday Party Cheats

Hi. CP started the Holiday Party! And I am doing cheats for the first time ever!!! Well, here are cheats!

CP made it so nonmembers¬†can become race cars!! And members can become race cars,¬†Reindeer¬†puffles and frost bites! To become one, you can go to the Snow Forts and go in the big house and click the cookies. Also every day you can get a free gift or two! And CP’s Coins For Change came too! I made a lot of donations ūüôā I will try my best to get more cheats. But for now, bye!

Club Penguin Holiday Party sneak peek video

Hi. CP made a some new sneak peek videos! Here they are.

From these videos I could find out some things. Here is a list:

1. Non-members can be race cars and members can be frost bite and reindeer puffles.

2. The color white will be a free item.

3. when becoming frost bite, race cars and reindeer puffles, you are helping a community.

4. You can get items December 20-January 2.

More info soon hopefully. Well ,Bye.

Club Penguin Coins for Change coming in a week!

Hi. Club Penguin’s Coins for Change is coming next week!!! If you are a non member you can still put in coins! woop woop! I am getting coins to help; you can too – here are games you can play to get coins.

1. Cart Surfer

2. Ice Fishing ( if you get the big red fish you get more coins)

3. Pet shop games

4. Puffle rescue

5. You can dig for coins

6. Pizzatron3000

These games give you lots of coins! Plus you might have extra coins when you are done! Well. Bye. And happy holidays!