Walk Two Puffles at The Same Time

There is a bug that lets you walk two puffles at the same time. First put on any puffle, now open your player card and pick Flare. Here is a pic of the bug:

It lets you walk two puffles because they updated so you can have a hand item and a puffle.


Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Catalog Bug

There is a bug with the catalog for the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. For members it might look like this:

But for nonmembers it looks like this:

Brady’s and McKenzie’s beach outfit are members only but when you are a member it says its for nonmembers.


Card Jitsu Snow Bug

There is a bug with Card Jitsu Snow. When you scroll over Tuck’s Cave the Challenge Tusk sight will show up on the path to the bridge. Here is a pic:

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