10000 Views Updates

The blog hit 10,000 views and I did the updates. Here are the updates:

  • Tracking team on the Tracking page.
  • Custom items on the Custom page.
  • New download for Minecaft on the Penguin Craft page.

Also, for custom items on the Custom page that part is is named item mix up.


Puffle Digging Cheats and Post Week Is Over

Post Week is over. Sorry, today is too busy. I found more puffle digging cheats. Here is a list of puffle digging cheats:

  • The older your puffle is, the better they are at digging.
  • Not doing any thing for two minutes makes it easier to find coins.
  • The Rainbow Puffle room has a lot of coins and items.


Recycling Planet Might Stay!

Club penguin updates tomorrow and a lot of users have been saying goodbye to Recycling Planet. So I looked at the pic of the new school and it looks like there is another door! Here is a pic:

It also has a green roof like the Recycling Planet does.