Club Penguin Snowball bug

Hi. I was on CP and I went to my frost bite igloo and tried to throw a snowball 🙂 My penguin picked up a snowball. But, when he threw it, you cannot see it! So I went to a new igloo and I can throw snowballs!

Club Penguin Arts and Crafts

Hi. I like doing my own CP arts and crafts! So I will share my ideas with you! Here is a list of arts and crafts.

1. Club Penguin Desk of Fun and Ideas

To do this, all you need is a night stand, or a small table, that no one uses and a clipboard with paper on it. You put the clipboard with paper on the middle of the table. Now it looks like more of a desk. So, to make it look like more of a Club Penguin stand, you can put puffles going around the side or penguins or some 3D art. You can also draw penguins and cut them out and play with them or get some mix and match figures. Or, just draw penguins with puffles and leave them!

2. Club Penguin Spy Phone 

To do this one, you need an empty tissue box, two or more things of paper, tape, crayons or markers, and scissors. It’s up to you if you want to use scissors. First, put the tissue box on the floor, or on a table, and put the paper on it. Then tape it down. Next, color the box into a spy phone, or you can go crazy and color it into a rainbow! You do not have to do this part but if you do, you can cut a hole in the back of the box so you can hold stuff in it. I would not do that the first time.

3. Club Penguin Island

For this you do not need a lot, but you need paper cut-out penguins or mix and mach figures. Ok, first you can draw CP rooms on paper and put double-sided tape on the back and put them on cardboard –  or not, you pic. Then, get some toy penguins and play. Here is a print-out if you want it. It is mix and mach figure size, but you might want to make it bigger. Here is the print out:


More arts and crafts soon!

I hope you have fun with these arts and crafts. If you do them all, you can go to CP’s fun stuff page and click arts and crafts. Well, hope you have fun. Bye.