CP Memories

This is one of the coolest pages the blog has. It holds some of the biggest CP memories and some of the big hacks! And, some of the big updates that happened to the blog!

Club Penguin Memories

Penguin Chats:

The beginning of Club Penguin started with Penguin Chats. A small game with two or three rooms where you walked, talked, and I think you could even throw snowballs! Then they made Penguin Chat 3 as a test for Club Penguin, or that’s what I think. That might have not been what they made Penguin Chat 3 for. I don’t know because I joined CP in the year 2011.

The Big Update:

The Big Update is really the name of this update. When CP first came out, you could get the beta hat for two hours! CP was made on August 22, 2005. That was the beta testing. The full site came October 24, 2005. The makers of CP are rsnail and Billybob. Also, did you know that rsnail stopped doing CP before all the names had to have an upper case letter at the start of their name? So, some penguins (like me) spell his name as rsnail instead of Rsnail.

Disney Buying:

Disney never had the maker of the Penguin Chats working for them, so when Disney wanted CP they had to buy it. Disney got CP in August 2007, I don’t know the day of the month.

My Penguin:

The My Penguin app, or the new name The Club Penguin app, came out May 9, 2013. CP took down their first app and added this new one, but it does not have the game that was their the first app. The first app was Puffle Launch, you played it and then you could send the coins you won to your penguin. The new app, My Penguin (I still like to call it My Penguin) started off as a game where you could buy items, dress up and play games. This app also let you see your penguin in 3D. You got to use a 3D penguin on the My Penguin app on August 29, 2013.

The Big Hacks:

The biggest hack CP ever had (I think it was the biggest, but I’m not 100%) happened on April 28, 2014. If you logged onto the server Blizzard, you would get a mean postcard or get banned! I got a mean postcard. I was lucky and just got the postcard. It took a day to fix this hack. I forget when the next big hack happened. I think it was April 29 or April 30. But, the server Blizzard was hacked again. You only got a mean postcard, there was not a single ban with this hack. The postcard said: Keep up the good work! **Santa isn’t _____ -CP** That hacker looked good, but when you clicked the button to get rid of the postcard we saw his penguin name. We also found out who did the first hack. The hackers that did the first ever server hacks are: Lolnok2 and Lolnok. I think it was the same guy who did both of the hacks, but he did it with two penguins.

Pup2602 Got Hacked:

This was not a big hack, but it was for me. Pup2602 was playing when I did not want him to – or in other words he was hacked!!! This happened on May 22, 2014. It was 10:00 pm where I live. I tried to use the CP app, but it said I was playing on another computer or Ipad. I ran all over the house looking at Ipads and computers, but not one had a CP tab open! My penguin was hacked. I don’t think the hacker got any items, but it looked like I was hacked.


Secretpenguincheats Memories

The Start:

I started my first blog two years ago! My first post was on 

The Big Update:

I was looking at stuff to add to the old blog. I found some cool stuff, but to add it I needed a new site. So I got this website. I moved over here on 

Going Live:

One night I got to stay up late to see CP updates. And I also got to do live posting for the first time! I did my first live post on 

This is for the big updates, so if you know a big update that happened that is not here please tell me it in the comments.


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