Pup2602’s Impostor Warning

I found out that Polo Field got banned from Twitter because of an imposter! I hope that he will get unbanned soon. I know lots of Club Penguin Blogs have a¬†impostor¬†and I have been looking to make sure I don’t get one. There are two kinds of impostors – the first one is that you have a twin on Club Penguin with a name that looks like yours. The other one is someone that leaves mean comments on blogs. I know that this blog picks up more views everyday so it can be kind of easy to get one. For the penguins that leave mean comments on blogs, I might not see them. So don’t post it if your blog does not have a way for you to see the comments. I would not post anything mean about a blog and I would not hack to get a comment on a blog. Also, if I get one I will try to find him on Club Penguin and report him. So now we know what was up with Polo Field.


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