Is This Polo Field?

I found something was going on with Polo Field. First, I found in the comments for Day of the Penguin on Club Penguin’s blog that he left a odd comment. Here is a pic:

Can you read it? If not here is what it says:

Surfa Sista: This is awesome! I’m going to do a stream clean-up for Earth Month and will start riding my bike to make a difference.

PoloField: Thanks Kallie Jo! Waddle On! 🙂

PoloField: Possibly! 😉

Now the comment was from Surfa Sista and Polo Field said the penguin’s name was Kallie Jo. After that I found out that Surfa Sista is not a Club Penguin player! But Kallie Jo is! So is that the real Polo Field? Also I found out that he is doing odd stuff! Yesterday on Club Penguin Memories, I found out that he deleted all of his tweets on Twitter and he un followed a lot of penguins! I also found out he has a spanish impostor – it might be the impostor.  Polo Field also has been leaving his name on Club Penguin as PoloField and Polo Field. He did say that he is not allowed to say why he unfollowed everyone on Twitter! I don’t think this is the real Polo Field.


2 thoughts on “Is This Polo Field?

  1. It is the real Polo Field, he just clicked “reply” on a different comment than mine when replying to it. Don’t worry, Club Penguin reviews all comments made on their blog, and they will know if it’s someone trying to be Polo Field and they will not accept the comment.

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