Sled Racer App Getting Updated Soon!

The Sled Racer app should be getting updated soon! It sounds like a big update. Here is a list of the stuff that should be added:

* Log in and earn coins: By popular demand, you’ll now be able to log in to Sled Racer, and earn coins to purchase items in Club Penguin and the Club Penguin app.

* Power-Ups for Members: You asked, and we listened! The new version of Sled Racer will give paid members the chance to use extreme Power-up items, like the new Toot Blaster 😉

* Leaderboards: For the first time in Club Penguin mini-game history, Sled Racer will have high score leaderboards! Each week, players will compete to get their name to the top of the charts.

I copied the list off the CP blog. Here is a video the posted:

I think I might start using the app again after the update. And, after I looked at the video a few times I saw this:

sled-racer-trick-thingI can’t tell it this is a booster or like a new trick. They stopped the video before I could find out.



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