New Club Penguin Blog Post!

Megg made a post on the CP blog. It is about the Puffle Party that is happening the year. The posted the story about the party. (I don’t know what to call it and I think that’s what they said on the blog) It does not have all the words. Here is what they said:

Before this year’s Puffle Party begins, players will discover ______ has rebuilt the Ski Lodge as a new ________! In the _____ there is a large fishcake that is being saved to eat during the Puffle Party. When the party starts, PH announces that someone, or something, has broken in and eaten the fishcake… but who… or what? Players must first __________ before they head out into the wild. Once there, they will be able to access rooms with ___________, that ____________ and coax out new and different wild puffles. As they draw the puffles out, players realize that ________.

It kind of sounds like the Sasquatch mascot might come.


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