Unknown Mascot?

I was in CP files today and found this:


This thing does not have a name! I also found this:


It looks like he is hiding. Does anyone remember the Fog Forest?  Here is a pic of the Fog Forest:


This room could be related to the mascot. (I still don’t know if it is a mascot, all I found was the two pics of him I posted)

Update: I was on CP Wki and found some gifs of the mascot! I saw them on a blog post by a user named Redidy Penguin, so he gets the credit for the gifs. Here are the gifs:




2 thoughts on “Unknown Mascot?

    • I found it when I was playing with room ids. There was only one way to get to the Fog Forest and that was with a link. But, a few weeks later CP found out that users got into the room and they closed the room’s link and deleted the swf file! It is unknown if the room with come back.

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