Big Sneak Peeks!

Pup1one did a interview with Polo Field. And, there are tons of sneak peeks, plus a answer to why the Music Jam 2014 was so small! Here is some of the best parts of the interview:

Any new puffles coming later this year?

Polo’s Answer: “Yup!”

Is there going to be new rooms on Club Penguin this year?

Polo’s Answer: “Hmm… That’s an interesting one to ask. The answer is… Sort of. Just… a bit bigger than just a room…”

When will be CP in 3D or 1 new host?

Polo’s answer: Ummm well, there will be a 3D something on iPad/iPhone in the next few months. Can’t say too much about it though.”

Why did the music Jam this year have no activities but just daily rewards?

Polo’s Answer: We had to make a simple Music Jam this year, because we needed the time for other big stuff that’s coming soon.”

That is just some of it to see the full thing click here! And, 3D penguins are out on the CP app now so I don’t know how much more they can add. Credit to Pup1one for making the ask Polo Field.


4 thoughts on “Big Sneak Peeks!

    • I was sleeping sorry. But, there are two black hoodies. The first one is the Black Hoodie. It has not came back for two years! I don’t know if this one will come back or if it is going to become rare. There is also a hoodie that is black but it has a new name. It is the Intense Hoodie. You can dig it up with a dog puffle or with a cat puffle.

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