Sleet Bot360 Best Hacker?!

I found a penguin named Sleet Bot360. He might be a movie maker or a bot!!! He has hacked a ton of items, did a puffle trick and so much more! Here is a list of what I saw him do:

  • He said Kick (a player name that I do not remember) and he was gone for about five minutes!
  • He switched puffles super fast.
  • Now this is the the oddest one. I asked, “want to play?” He said “yes,” then he said “what?” I said soccer,  he said I cant play that. I said sledding? He said NO I asked why? He said I am not a person.

I was shocked at the last one. He might be a video maker who also hacks or a bot. I think this guy is a bot because I have never seen a hacker this good or a video maker.

-Pup2602 I am not a bot 🙂

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