Penguin Cup Customs For Your Team!

I finished the Penguin Cup customs. You can add them to your blog, but I’d like credit. Here are the customs:

Team-Blue-The-Penguin-CupAnd, Here is the code to get the Team Blue pic:

<img src= “”>

Team-Red-The-Penguin-CupAnd, here is the code to get the Team Red pic:

<img src= “”>

Team-Green-The-Penguin-CupAnd, here is the code to get the Team Green pic:

<img src= “”>

Team-Yellow-The-Penguin-CupAnd, the code for the Team Yellow pic is:

<img src= “”>

This works on Word Press blogs, so if it does not work on your blog that is why. I am going to be on Team Blue. (They are also called the Sharks) So I was just going to make one for the blog but a custom for all the teams is more fun.


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