Update: Well it looks like it is just me. :/

Well as most of you know Disney owns Club Penguin. So Disney does parties called takeovers. I have not been to that much takeovers that I like as much as normal Club Penguin parties. I don’t want to sound like a hater or any thing but I think that takeovers or any party that is just for a Disney show or movie should stop. I made this poll because I want to know if this is just me or not. Here is the poll:

Should CP do any More Takeovers

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CP Info: A lot of penguins blame Spike Hike for all the takeovers and for stopping the April Fools Parties. This is most likely not true just because they started when Spike Hike got to take Billybob’s does not mean Spike Hike was picking to do the takeovers. Stopping the April Fools Parties might have been him. But, he did not start the takeovers out of any thing the CP works did or the fans did. A penguin named Saraapril does not like Spike Hike at all. Saraapril even tried to make him look bad to take a peek.


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