Club Penguin Downsides

I made this post on the old blog, but I never posted it. So I am updating it on here on my new blog. This post will be in parts. So, here is a list of the the complaints some people have about CP:

Part 1. Featured Igloos Fun Page Not Fair:

The featured igloos on the Fun Page never updates – so it stays the same all year!

Part 2. USA Does Not Get Stuff Like The UK:

I think that the USA should get stuff that’s USA-only, just like everywhere else. I am in the USA and I have to read the Whats New blog (The main CP blog) in UK form! The UK and other places also get codes, and some games, for them only. The USA rarely gets stuff exclusively for it.

Part 3. We Pay and We Can’t Enter:

I order the CP magazine, and because I am in the USA, CP Team said I can’t enter their contests in the CP magazine (because the magazine is not issued in the USA!) I am subscribing at full price, I should get to enter their contests too.

Part 4. Mascots Starting to Become Members Only:

Mascots are starting to only show up in member rooms! I am a member, but I am also still on the nonmember side (I have a second penguin.) Mascots should show up in member rooms less often and more often in rooms for everyone. Other members might like, this but I’m a member and I want them to show up in nonmember rooms more!

Well, that’s it. Part 4 is for nonmembers, if you are a nonmember you need to read part 4. Now if members read part 4 and think I am crazy, I am fine with it – but for that mascot thing I am on the nonmember team!


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