New Room Found!

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This might be the biggest thing that I’ve found for this blog. I found a new room! I tried to get an old party room to show up, but instead I found a new room! Here it is:

newroom1Cool, right? But, there’s more. If you look to the right you see a cave in shape of a puffle. I looked at that, and think it’s the puffle cave from¬†Operation Puffle!


And, there also is a shadow with a penguin and a puffle.


This room is most likely still in testing because if you throw a snowball, it will thow more even if you stop. Now, if you want me to post how to get there, leave a comment! I am still looking for more odd stuff, like why it is more white – almost foggy. Don’t forget,¬†if you want me to post how to get there, leave a comment.


I looked at old Club Penguin Times and one said: A mysterious mist covers the wilds.


2 thoughts on “New Room Found!

    • I am sorry, Club Penguin blocked it. Even with my room id I can’t get in. But the room is about puffles, so it might be out at the puffle party.

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