Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

Hi. You know the the Snow Dojo and Card Jitsu Snow is coming this year! But you might not know that there may be a new game or suit. If the game comes, the name will be Card Jitsu Shadow. Here are some sneak peeks:

In my first pic you can see that Happy77, a worker that quit, is wearing the suit! And my second one shows the card. And my last one is a penguin with the face item 😮 Once I get a reply from my first CP email, I will send this.

Update. I was on CP wiki and saw this:

Update. I was looking to see if there are more hints to Card Jitsu Shadow. And there is! There is a card where your penguin turns into a shadow ninja! Big hint. I do not have this card, but if you want to try to get it, it is in card jitsu water packs and it has to be the 2nd wave. I will keep on looking to see if this card is real. And the game.


3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

  1. i have evedence of card jitsu shadow there is the mask you shadowed black and gold and there is also the golden sun suit in the martial artwork cataloge

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