2 Parties Next Month

Megg made a new blog post on CP’s blog! They said that the CP app is going to have it own party and the computers will have it’s own party! I can’t wait! the party on the app is going to be a rainbow puffle party, and the party on the computer will be the fair! It looks like they are reusing most of the rooms for the fair but as long as the keep the games I don’t care.


Polo Field Quits :(

On the CP blog there is a post saying Polo Field Quit! Here is the full post:

Hey Penguins!
I’ve got a special message from Polo Field to all of you in the community:
Hello Penguins!
Hope everyone loves the Maze puzzle. The team have so many more amazing surprises planned for you this year.
Just wanted to let you know that after 8 incredible years at Club Penguin, I’m going to be moving on. 
I’ve been so lucky to be a part of the Club Penguin Team, serving you guys every day. Thank you for being the most amazing, positive, and friendly community. Thanks for all the beautiful artwork, and encouraging words you’ve sent over all the years. 
Don’t forget YOU make Club Penguin the special place it is! Keep working together to make CP even better.
Until then… Waddle on!
-Chris (aka Polo Field)
I was hoping I could ask you all a huge favor and join me in wishing Polo all the best in his future experiences. Leave your special message for Polo Field in the comments below!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Megg posted it instead of Polo Field. I am a little up set because him and happy77 where two of my favorite mods. Also I know I have not posted in a bit but when I see the Frozen Fever Party come out I will post about it!!

Frozen Fever Party (One Month on App)

Club Penguin posted on their blog that they are going to have a frozen fever party this month. It is going to be a big party. (not a mini party) But, on the CP app it will be one month long! (not a week it will end somewhere around may!) Trainman1405 found out the the party will be one month on the app so he gets the credit for that.