Frozen Fever Party Next Month

CP is have a Frozen Fever party next month. I don’t know if it is a mini party or a two week party. (I want it to be a mini party) Trainman1405 gets the credit for finding out the party is happening. I know last year thy made so much players mad, CP wiki had 10 threads on them saying they don’t want the party! I am not a fan on the idea. (I don’t like frozen) I am going to be looking a round and if I find anything I will post it here!


Sled Racer App Getting Updated Soon!

The Sled Racer app should be getting updated soon! It sounds like a big update. Here is a list of the stuff that should be added:

* Log in and earn coins: By popular demand, you’ll now be able to log in to Sled Racer, and earn coins to purchase items in Club Penguin and the Club Penguin app.

* Power-Ups for Members: You asked, and we listened! The new version of Sled Racer will give paid members the chance to use extreme Power-up items, like the new Toot Blaster 😉

* Leaderboards: For the first time in Club Penguin mini-game history, Sled Racer will have high score leaderboards! Each week, players will compete to get their name to the top of the charts.

I copied the list off the CP blog. Here is a video the posted:

I think I might start using the app again after the update. And, after I looked at the video a few times I saw this:

sled-racer-trick-thingI can’t tell it this is a booster or like a new trick. They stopped the video before I could find out.



Ski Lodge Update!

The Ski Lodge updated. I don’t know if it will keep its new look after the party. I am a little bit busy so I can’t post the pics. 🙁 I should add them in a day or two. I think it looks cool. And, if you go upstairs the is a box portal and it works like the igloo item.


CP Reusing Old Rooms

I know some plays might be happy about this. But, I feel like CP needs the make new party rooms instead of reusing old party rooms. And, in some rooms that the reuse they take away a feature that the room had! Like how at the soundstudio party they reused the stage from the Hollywood Party but you did not get called up on the stage. And, the parties now have less new rooms and less of the island is decorated. I feel like they should stop the mini parties and decorate the island more.


CP Updating the Sled Racer App Soon

I was on club penguin memories and I saw that it sounds like members will get to use power ups in the sled racer app. I think Trainman1405 said the there will be a jet pack power up and one more. I don’t know what I think about the power ups. Before it was one of the few games/apps that was the same for everyone. But, CP did take down the post so they might make it so it’s for everyone?


New Club Penguin Blog Post!

Megg made a post on the CP blog. It is about the Puffle Party that is happening the year. The posted the story about the party. (I don’t know what to call it and I think that’s what they said on the blog) It does not have all the words. Here is what they said:

Before this year’s Puffle Party begins, players will discover ______ has rebuilt the Ski Lodge as a new ________! In the _____ there is a large fishcake that is being saved to eat during the Puffle Party. When the party starts, PH announces that someone, or something, has broken in and eaten the fishcake… but who… or what? Players must first __________ before they head out into the wild. Once there, they will be able to access rooms with ___________, that ____________ and coax out new and different wild puffles. As they draw the puffles out, players realize that ________.

It kind of sounds like the Sasquatch mascot might come.


Club Penguin Updated

Club Penguin updated early today! Instead of posting the CP updates tonight, I am going to post the updates that they did.

  • New pin (at the cove)
  • New Penguin Style
  • New CP times
  • New stage play.
  • Pay day (For EPF and Tour Guides)

They started updating at random times now. (In the middle of the day, few days after Thursday, and one time I got the update after a week!)