Unused SoundStudio Party Interface

I was on the CP wiki and I found out that there is a unused party interface. Here is the pics:


I found this on CP wiki so they get the credit. I think they should have used this. I think that the SoundStudio party was to small and most of the rooms was a copy of last years parties with out the thing that made it cool.



SoundStudio App!!!

The new SoundStudio app came out! It is the like the SoundStudio game. You can go to CP Radio and listen to other tracks players made. And, if you are a member you can try the new music maker thing. (I don’t know what to call it) The app is free and it is on IOS and Andriod!


SoundStudio Party Cheats

The¬†SoundStudio Party came out! I dont really like it that much. I think it is to small and it is a copy of most of the room from 2014 and 2013’s parties. Most of the cheats I would post are the same thing so I am only going to say it once. You can go to the rooms at the snow forts and then you pick one of the buttons that pop up then you go to a room with a lot of buttons lick the button that shows up at the top. P.S. I am not the best at giving party cheats so if you can’t tell what this mean sorry. I am trying to get better at it.