Secret Message at Dock!

I just found out that there is a secret message at the Dock! Trainman1405 found out so he gets the credit. The message says:

There are more mysteries to be seen. Keep an eye on the wilds.

Here is the pic:


I think this might have to do with the new mascot.


Star Wars Rebels Cheats

The Star Wars Rebels party has started! I think this part is awesome! Here are the cheats:

Lightsaber Fights

This is something from the star wars party last year. It is not really out yet but if you have last years lightsabers you can fight with those! and the more fights you win the more lightsabers you can get!


There are missions and in two days there will be more! they are not that hard all of the stuff you have to do is outside.

I think that is every thing. Bye!