You Can Tip The Iceberg!

Tipping the Iceberg is something almost everyone tries but it never works. Polo Field has been saying you can tip the Iceberg! I have been trying to tip the Iceberg for a few days. And, like always it did not work. Today I was on the CP app trying to tip the Iceberg. For a while nothing happened, but after a lot of fails it happened! I think I tipped the Iceberg. Here is a pic of the Iceberg tipped and not tipped:


And, if you still can’t tell drag the these pics into a new tab:



Right now you can only tip the Iceberg on the CP app.


I Met ??????

I have been trying to see if ?????? (the unknown mascot) is logging on. And, this pic is not an edit! Here is the pic:


I met ??????! He is on my buddy list and here is a pic of me with his BG:


Here is some stuff you might want to know if you are going to try to meet him:

  1. When he says: Hides. He is going to log off so you need to add him before he says that.
  2. He only stays on for about 1-3 minutes.
  3. Some users might be mean and think he is not real, I would just add them to your ignore list.
  4. He is tall, so you can tell if he is a faker or the real mascot.

I am still shocked how CP has a new mascot and they did not post about it.


Unknown Mascot Is He Walking?

Update: he is walking around CP!

I have been looking at files and ?????? (the unknown mascot) almost all day. And, if I am right ?????? has been logging on! I have seen videos with users saying they saw him and they showed other penguins with his BG! But, not one pic or video shows the mascot’s player card. But, if I found the right files this pic should show what the last mascot online said. (or something like that) Here is a pic of what it says right now:


I did also find a wiki thread that had this:


Update: I saw a video with him!

This is the most proof I have right now. But, if anyone sees this guy please tell me.


Sled Racer App Out Now!

The new Sled Racer app is now out! It is free and in 3D! But, you can’t send coins to your penguin or log in. Here is a video CP posted of the game:

Sorry about it being a play list. And, when you open the app you can see a new puffle! A deer puffle! Here is a pic:



Icy Hoodie and Unknown is Back!

I was looking for cheats in the new Penguin Style catalog but I don’t think there are any hidden items. 🙁 So I went looking for more info about the unknown mascot. First I found an item named the Icy Hoodie! But, what is shocking is that I could not find any swf files of it! Here is a pic of the Icy Hoodie’s file:


This is all I could find about the Icy Hoodie. I did also find more about the unknown mascot! I had to learn how to look at BG swf’s to find this! Here is what I found:


Update: I found the name of the BG! The name is the Mystery Background.

I can see the unknown guy in this BG! I also found this:


Update: His files just got bigger!

If you don’t know what it says, it is mainly saying he is going to be a mascot! But, this guy is named ??????. If anyone finds out more about the Icy Hoodie or ?????? (the unknown mascot) please tell me in a comment.


Parties Coming To the CP App!

Parties are now going to show up on the CP app! The first party they are doing on the app is the Frozen Takeover. Polo Field posted a sneak peek of the party! Here is the pic:


If you look you can see the CP worker Goodtea as Olaf. I have a pic of Goodtea zoomed in.


I think at the Frozen Takeover users will be able to turn into Olaf.


Sled Racer App Coming Out Tomorrow!

It looks like the new Sled Racer app is coming out tomorrow! CP updated their homepage today instead of tomorrow! Here is the homepage:


I also have a pic of just the app icon!


Right now if you click the homepage it will not take you to the download page. But, It looks like the app is coming out tomorrow! I might go to the app store first instead of going on CP!