Should I Keep Penguin Craft?

Sorry if I have not posted that much for a few days. I have been working on my YouTube page and Minecraft. And, this blog has a page for Minecraft. I would like to know if you guys have used anything from it. Please vote on this poll if you have used anything from the page or not:

Have You Used Anything From the Penguin Craft Page?

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This is helping me know if I should keep the page. If we get more votes on “No” the page will close.


Elsa Mascot?

The Frozen Party does not have a mascot walking around. But, it looks like that soon Elsa might walk around! I found two things hinting that Elsa might walk around. The first thing is an item named Elsa’s Braid was added when CP updated. It is a bait item. All mascot items are a bait item and most mascot items have their name in the items name. And, I went back in the mascot files (seeing if the unknown mascot got a new name) and I saw this:


This is saying that Elsa might become a mascot. CP already made the BG she would give out. Here is the BG:


If you saw someone with this item please tell me. After you tell me I can check to see if the penguin was a hacker or if the mascot is walking around.


Custom Page News

Right now I have a custom page. I don’t think the new update for CP app icons  worked that good. So I am planning on bringing back custom penguins! But, I am guessing that I will start making them in October. We got a new computer and it has a new Photoshop (a pic editor) so I might need to find out how to use it. But, for now I am going to close the page. If you want to know why, it is because not a lot of people are asking for customs (not penguins) and because saying “I am not making penguins right now” is just taking up time.