Free Custom DJ Penguins

I am not giving out customs here anymore for customs go to the custom page.


This is closing this Friday! This is the only spot on the blog right now to get a custom penguin!

I am giving away free custom DJ penguins! Like the logo? Anyways, if anyone wants a custom penguin, right now, this is the only spot on the blog to get one! It is one custom for a user. This will be going on for one week! There are two kinds of customs to pick. The first one is like this:


As you can see, he has two head items on. So to get one like this, fill this out in a comment:

Head Item: Head item’s name + DJ Headphones

Neck Item: Neck item’s name

Color: Color’s name

Now I can’t add on a hand item or a body item. Sorry about that. You can also get one like this:

pup2602-custom-DJIt does not have the headphones on his head. To get this fill this out in a comment:

Head Item: Head item’s name

Neck Item: neck item’s name

Color: Color’s name

All of the customs made will be posted on this post! Here is the list of custom DJ penguins made:

None yet.


Music Jam 2014

The Music Jam is out! Two rooms are decorated for the party (CP reused the Town’s look from a other party) and there are 6 party rooms. There is a big boat (not Rockhopper’s) at the Dock. When you enter there are 5 ways to go. Almost all of the rooms have the new SoundStudio, but you can only play your music in one room on the boat. Another room has a stage. Every two days more singers will show up on it to sing. Right now, only Cadence and the Penguin Band will show up on stage. And, in the party rooms for the first time you can see day and night in CP! Every 5 minutes it will get darker or lighter. I think I like the SoundStudio more than the party.


SoundStudio Out Now!

The SoundStudio is now on CP! It has some of the same stuff as DJ3K, like saving music. But, it also has new stuff like playing music in the Night Club. I have seen some penguins getting upset that their music is not playing in the Night Club. So, if you are having a hard time getting your music to play in Night Club I made a list of steps to get your music to play. Here is the list:

  1. First, make the music and then hit stop.
  2. Now you need to name the music and hit save.
  3. Last up, it will take you to your saved music. While you are in that, spot click the small purple box.

Now go to the Night Club and wait for your song to play. There might be a little (or big) wait before your song plays. There are also likes! Kind of like igloos but this time the more likes you get the more your song will be played! (or for me at least)


Club Penguin Updates Tonight

Club Penguin updates tonight! They should update at 7:00 PST (Penguin Standard Time) to see the time go to the Snow Forts. Here is a list of all the updates that should come:

  • Music Jam
  • SoundStudio
  • New Club Penguin Times
  • New EPF message

And, on Friday I am giving out free custom penguins!


Custom: Igloo Control

I was thinking that CP should add a way to do stuff with your igloo when you are not in it. I made something that I call Igloo Control. It lets you see how many penguins are in your igloo and lock your igloo in any room! Here is the remote:


Here is the icon:

igloo-control-iconI made this when I was bored. I think I am better at custom penguins.


DJ3K Bugs From The SoundStudio?

All week I have been having a hard time with DJ3k. If I have music saved in my igloo it will be buggy. And, DJ3K (the game) keeps stopping, only letting me use two buttons, and more! I think that the SoundStudio is messing up DJ3K. It sounds odd, but today while I was using DJ3K I got kicked off the server! I could tell it was a bug because it should stop me from going on the server again. (or I think so) I could get back in the server but DJ3K is not working. So I think that you guys can still try to use it, but I am waiting for the SoundStudio.


New Blog BGs?

This month I updated BG for the Music Jam. I have a hard time updating the header, but this is way easier. I was thinking that instead of updating the header for parties, I could update the blog’s bg. This can still can take a lot of time to make, so if I am going to update the bg a lot I want to know if you guys really look at it. I made a poll. Here is the poll:

Should I Update The Blog BG Every Month?

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If I am going to update the bg that much I want at least 10 votes saying yes.


Custom Page – Please Read

You might know that I have a custom page. I had to close it for a bit, but I want to keep this page open. I keep getting asked to make custom penguins but they take too long to make or I would still be making them. That is part of why I had to close the page before, because they take to long to make. Right now, if you want a custom, ask for a custom Club Penguin app icon or I might have to close the page again! I plan to make the page so you can ask for custom penguins some time this year. If you want the page to stay open, ask for custom Club Penguin app icons.