Penguin Cup Mini Game Tips

The Penguin Cup has a mini game. I am going to post some of my game tips. Here they are:

  1. At first when you play and don’t have power sneakers you can still beat players with water sneakers! They are hard to beat but if you want some one with water sneakers you can win!
  2. As soon as you get water sneakers you can beat almost any one if you try!
  3. If you have a hard time with lightning sneakers you can still use your old sneakers! Note: This will make it harder to get points.
  4. The best score a player (Me) ever got is 16! Crazy, right? You need to super good to get 16. You can get 1-16 with the lightning sneakers.

I can’t find my editor right now so this post might have bugs.


Live Updates Here

Live Posting is over!

Update: We are doing awesome! here is a code I found I don’t know what it gives you. BEARS418

I am ready for tonight’s updates. I am a huge soccer fan so I have all I need to find updates super fast! Here are the updates:

  1. The party is out!
  2. Warning: Do not try to pick up free items or buy items! over buy items now!
  3. CP did great! The party is working super good! and you can get a soccer ball now!
  4. Emotes are out! Warning: they will kick you out of the server if you use them 🙁
  5. There is a bug the sharks are in every spot?
  6. CPSN has a bug.
  7. Play soccer for your team at the soccer spot!!!
  8. I just got kicked out more updates?
  9. Its working good not all out jet but good!
  10. You can see all the soccer points users have! but you can’t get points
  11. There are four power sneakers.

Also, I might post a code why I am live!


Plane Ride

I am going on a trip for the day tomorrow. So for now live posting is going to be the best way to get cheats. It will be buggy but it will be when CP first opens the party so I will not get to post the full thing. I don’t know if I will get to make a cheat post tomorrow but I think I will.