Sleet Bot360 Best Hacker?!

I found a penguin named Sleet Bot360. He might be a movie maker or a bot!!! He has hacked a ton of items, did a puffle trick and so much more! Here is a list of what I saw him do:

  • He said Kick (a player name that I do not remember) and he was gone for about five minutes!
  • He switched puffles super fast.
  • Now this is the the oddest one. I asked, “want to play?” He said “yes,” then he said “what?” I said soccer,  he said I cant play that. I said sledding? He said NO I asked why? He said I am not a person.

I was shocked at the last one. He might be a video maker who also hacks or a bot. I think this guy is a bot because I have never seen a hacker this good or a video maker.

-Pup2602 I am not a bot 🙂

Fog Forest News

This is a sticky post, for cheats scroll down.

 Update: I looked and this was in CP Times a month or two after Operation Puffle ended:

Mysterious mist covers the Wilds. Be careful near the Ski Village.

The cave, in a shape of a puffle, is from Operation Puffle!!! Then, sometime in March the room came out. I think that this room is for an EPF mission. If a party is huge, CP would need to start planing the party before they even say it is coming. I think that this room is coming in November. (for the last two years they made a EPF thing in November)

Today, I am working on the unknown room I found. Here is a link to the post I made about it:

Today I am getting back to work on this room. Right now, I am going to call this room the fog forest, until I find the real name. Here are the pics I have:



CP closed the room, so this is all of the pics I have. I am going to try to find out more about this room. Here is the link that would take you to the room:

That link will not work right now. Today I am still going to be on CP, but I am also going to try to find out more about this room. Also, servers are safe right now. I did not find anything odd about the servers in that list I posted.


Server Hack Warning!!!

Update: I think he was ban. But, if you see something happen to a server like odd postcards send’t out getting ban as soon as you log in that kind of stuff please tell me.

This is more of a warning then a real server hack. This is a live post just so you know. I found a penguin named: Lolnok Cp1. He is a fake beta and a new user! Penguins with the name Lolnok and a other Lolnok (I can’t remember his name) hacked the server Blizzard. I think this is the same guy and I think he is getting ready for a new hack! Any thing can happen to a server until he is ban! I would stay off of the servers in this list:

  • Blizzard. (His first server hack was there)
  • Sleet. (That’s where I found him)
  • Zipline. (Zipline is the next biggest server the first is blizzard)

If someone see a penguin with the word Lolnok in is name please tell me.


New Comic!

I made a new comic! I did not make the google comic because I came up with a new idea. Any ways I did not get to edit the comic because the computer went crazy. So this comic might be buggy.

ComicquicksaveI don’t think comic this will get edited because the computer does not like having tons of windows open.



Comic Work

Update: I came up with a idea for a comic! So for now I am not going to post the Google comic.

I have been trying to come up with a new comic idea. My goal was to get about 4 comics up this month. I could not come up with a new comic idea. But, I was thinking, what if I could remake a comic? So tonight or tomorrow I am going to run a comic through Google Translate. If you don’t know why I would run a comic through Google Translate, it is because it almost never gets it right when you make it English again. It almost never gets it right. If you want to know how I got the idea, I got it because me and my sister where making fun of Google Translate.


Igloo Magic Bug

My igloo editing is messed up in every way there is! I take out a icon it shows up as a igloo at first but when I place it it turns into a item! It is the craziest thing I have ever seen. I cant get my editor again so this is a live post.