Robos Info

Robos are out for members, and this post has a list of all the robos and the cool features they can do. Here is a list of the robos and their attacks:

Big Red: A fast shooting robo, and he has the fastest attacks. As soon as you click, the hot sauce will hit.

Fish Sticks: This robo shoots faster than a nonmember snowball, but is not as fast as Big Red’s cannon.

O Blaster: The next fastest robo, it shoots a little faster than Fish Sticks. Or at least it was when I did my test for the fastest attacking robo.

I think that the best robo is Big Red.


Page Closing

Sorry, but the custom page is closing! You can still see them, but I am no longer making them. I know that that is like the best part of the site, but I am having a lot more stuff to do. I am having to stop posting once every month or two. Any customs that have not been made yet are going to get a penguin id card. I hope to reopen the page when stuff is easier and when I have more open time.


Hackers Are Back

Last night I tried getting on the CP app, but it said I was logged in on a computer or a different Ipad! I looked at all the computers in the house and not one had CP open. I am going to ask CP if they can tell what time I was on CP. Also, I think before CP makes CP Next (CP Next is a new program, so they can add more rooms and that kind of stuff) they should try to stop hacking programs so some stuff like this won’t happen.

-Pup2602 (No hackers!)

Live Blogging!!!

Live blogging last night was awesome! The blog got a ton of views and I got to post a ton of cheats! If you stayed up last night to see my live posting, you might have also gotten a party hat code! If you think I should do more live posting please tell me in the comments!


Test Bots Upgraded

The test bots are attacking CP too! You guys might know them from the DS game: Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force. The test bots at the party shoo,t too! I am a big fan of Protobot and the Test Bots, but CP uses Herbert more so I am going nuts!


How To Paint a Robo

This post is on how to paint a robo. Getting a robo and painting one are two of the hardest things that happen at parties. Here is a list of what to do first and last:

  1. Click the EPF icon on the right side of the computer.
  2. Next, you  pick a robo and click “paint robo”.
  3. Then, walk up to the robot with painting tools.
  4. Last, you pick a color and click “Paint Your Robo.”

If you want to start playing CP right now, here is a link that will take you right to the party:


Secretpenguincheats Live Now


Secretpenguincheats live: Live blogging is stopping soon!

Update: Live posting is over!

We are live keep a eye out for updates on this post!

  1. The party is out now! Update: I cant get in you guys can try. update: we are in!
  2. Gary does not have a new BG.
  3. You might have a hard time getting in rooms.
  4. It looks like you can see a show every 5 minutes!
  5. There are new emotes
  6. See the space squid do a DJ show!
  7. The full party is out! Nonmembers click the EPF button and click the jetpack!
  8. There are three robos for members! I dont know how to get them do you guys?
  9. If you do a puffle trick it will have a robot emote?
  10. Protobot comes in 5 days!

We are live and we are doing awesome!


Live Posting Tonight

Tonight CP updates. I think it is at 7:00 CP time. And, I think I am going to get to stay up for it. I am going to try to post the updates as they go up! I should be able to see the updates go up, but if it gets too late and the updates go don’t up then I won’t be able to post them. If I do it, they might be a little buggie. But, if they are, I’ll  pull them down and then post new ones on Thursday.



First up I am trying to make 1 post a day, and I am having a little bit of a hard time finding cheats. So, that is why the past 2 posts have been about rare stuff and beta testing. Well, now time for the post. Rareness is when you have a item that has not came out in 3-4 years. The Beta Hat is the rarest item on CP, a lot of penguins got it, but a lot of the penguins with it also stopped playing CP. But, rareness is going to stop at some point because the penguins with the rare items stopped playing or the item will come back again. (Party hats never come back, so if you have a rare party hat don’t worry. 🙂 ) I had a little hard time finding that list of rare penguins last night, but I found some. Here is the list of rare penguins I said I would post:


Lielle Cool.

Me, Pup2602. (just kidding)

I also plan on giving this blog two more big updates, I don’t know for sure if I will get to do them or not, but I think I will