A New Hack!

Update: It looks like it was fixed, but to be safe, you might want to stay off of Blizzard.

I was on Blizzard again and a new hack showed up I got a gift postcard.(P.S. You can only send gift postcards at Chismas.) I opened it and it had pics with a note that said:

Keep up the good work!

**Santa isnt real -CP**

It says its from CP, but its not. I found out it is from: Lolnok2! And, the first hacker on Blizzard that I posted yesterday was: Lolnok. So I am thinking that it is the same guy but with a new user name. But, Blizzard is hacked again, so if you don’t want this postcard don’t go on Blizzard.


Server HACK!

Hack fixed: You can go in Blizzard with out a ban or mean postcard.

Warning: if you got into Blizzard before it was blocked, you can still get in. But, don’t go on server Blizzard until I update the post saying that it will not ban you or give mean postcards.

I am back to blogging! But this is much bigger news – the server Blizzard was hacked!!! Yup, the hole server. I was on it when it was hacked, too. The server banned some penguins and others got very mean postcards. I was lucky I only got a mean postcard. But, CP made it full so know one can get in. I will update this post when I find out the server is fixed. And, a big thanks to Club Penguin Wikia for helping me find out what was going on.


Blog Updates

I am trying to get the blog up again, with more posts and comics and stuff. Here is a list of updates that I want to do for the blog:

  • New blog BG
  • New header
  • New comics
  • New Buttons

Also, I am thinking about taking down the tracking page to make more room. If you want it to stay you would need to find and post 5 mascot or club penguin workers’ spots this month on that page. And, that new room, that’s a little white, I cannot get into it with my room id.