New Stage Play and EPF Message

I am trying something new – it is two posts in one. It is like the weekly updates post I once made .

New Stage Play

There is a new stage play at the stage. It is: Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


New EPF Message

There is a new EPF message. What it says will be added soon.



Post Week Starts Now

Post Week starts now! It ends next Thursday and I have goals to hit. If we hit them, free codes! And, at the end of post week there will be a free membership code. So, for day one updates, I am doing a lot more hunting than normal for updates and bugs.


New Post Week Soon

Post Week is starting on Thursday. And, I will be getting in a one week membership code that week! So, the last day will be codes. And I’m going to give codes away on the last day. I don’t know if the code will show up on time, but if it doesn’t I will still give it away.