Nonmembers Can Go on Rides

Members can go on rides, and I looked and nonmembers can to! To do it, you need to get a Silver Ticket on the Daily Spin. I found out about this because of the membership pop up.


Right now, that’s all I know about Silver Tickets.


Dino Puffle Items List

I remembered that I was supposed to post a list a of dino puffle items. So, here is the list:

  1. Stone Age Expedition Shorts (Penguin item)
  2. Archaeologist Outfit (Penguin item)
  3. Magma Hoodie (Penguin item)
  4. Allosaurus Hoodie (Penguin item)
  5. Tricera-statue (Igloo item)
  6. Hanging Torch (Igloo item)
  7. Primal Shark Arch (Igloo item)


Post Day

I am sorry, but Post Week is going to end early. I am having a hard time with stuff, and well, in my house everything is crazy. So instead, Thursday is post day! Sorry, but if I can’t find anything to post, I get a little frustrated. So, hopefully I will catch up on my sleep.