The Fair is Next Month!

The fair is coming next month. P.S. This post is for penguins who did not see the post Polo Field made. Here is what I saw on Club Penguin Times which gave a good hint (I added the circles for you):



And if you did not see the post Polo Field made, here is the sneak peek he posted:


News About Customs

For the past two months I have been having a hard time with custom penguins. I am having a hard time getting more hoodie customs. So for a month I am not doing hoodie customs. I hope that this can help get hoodie customs back. The first two penguins that are getting hoodie customs are:

Smg5 X1 and Minoglem

You can still get customs it just cant have a hoodie. Sorry but this should help get more hoodie customs.


New Post Week Coming Next Month

Post Week is one of the things that this blog does. But, because next month is the first post week there are going to be goals for views and at the end there will be codes if we hit the goals. Here are the goals:




This is going to be added to the side of the blog later today. So Post Week will start some time next month.