Christmas Lights to Make

Its day 2 of December and I made a Christmas light for my desk. So I’m going to post how to make them. Here is how to make some Christmas lights for a desk or something:

  1. First get some paper and cut it in half.
  2. Use one half to cut out a circle or half a circle.
  3. Tape it on to the other half of paper.
  4. If you want, you can color them in.
  5. Last, you tape them to what you want them on, or if you have mix and match figures you can put them on the paper on top of a desk or something.

And Fireballz19 picked the blue box, so they get there name in a post!


Win a Mascot Player Card This Month Only!

In my last post I said that I am doing events this month for Christmas, and the events start today! First up is a little game I made for the blog. It is called Present Box. To play, just leave a comment saying the box you think it is – the red one, the blue one, or the green one. The penguin or penguins who pick the winning box get a mascot player card (if you don’t have a custom penguin on my custom page you might get it next year.) Also if you don’t win the card you will still win something. Now lets play.


This is also one of the only times I am making mascot player cards.