My Blog Was Attacked

I still can’t make that many posts, because my blog has been going down during the day. It has been because the blog’s been being attacked somehow, it is a little bit like being hacked. I upgraded it. You guys most likely can’t see, but it should not go down again. But, I still can’t make that much posts.


Golden Puffle Cheats

The golden puffle is now out. If you are a member, you can get one. All the items they dig up are gold. Here is a pic of mine digging:

Go to the Pet Shop to feed your puffle a golden puffle O. It costs ten coins, and then when you find 15 golden nuggets you can get your gold puffle.


Club Penguin Updates Tomorrow

Well  EPF Post Week is not going to happen. Everything is too crazy. Here is a list of the updates that will come tomorrow:

  • New puffle.
  • New stage play
  • New Club Penguin Times.
  • New EPF message.
  • New Igloo items.

Everything is still crazy, but I am still going to post cheats for the golden puffle.


Week Updates and Golden Puffle Sneak Peeks

Today is going to crazy for me, so I am doing all the week updates in this one post. First, the Penguin Style updated. I will post cheats for that soon.

Club Herbert updated, ts here is what Club Herbert looks like:

It looks like Herbert took some parts from the boiler room.

And more news about the golden puffle. The cave where you dig for coins is closed.

It is closed because the mine is getting a new room where will you can get the golden puffle.

And, all the items the golden puffle finds are made of gold!

Also, if you have the My Penguin app there is a EPF hoodie!!!