Halloween Updates

I am updating the website for Halloween. Here is a list of the updates that I am working on:

  • New link color.
  • Black pages.
  • New background.
  • New header.

I am going to but a line threw them when I do that update.


My Penguin App Halloween Update

Before I post the update for the app, I would like to point out that this blog now has a blogroll. To be added to it, add me to yours and then tell me in a comment. Now for the update, the My Penguin home page has a new look for Halloween. Here are some pics:

I like how they made one igloo a pumpkin.


Halloween Party Cheats

The Halloween Party started and it is awesome! Now, I’m posting the cheats to trick or treating, I am not going to post the transforming cheats. Well, first to trick or treat you need to find a jack-o-lantern with candy under it. After that pick 3 candies.

After that, you get to see what candies you got and if you can transform.

Then there is a catalog where you can get other items using your candy.

Also, I found a cool cheat that I will post later today.


Club Penguin Updates Tomorrow

Before I post the updates that should come tomorrow, I would like to point out that they have been updating at night instead of tomorrow. Here is a list of all the updates that should come:

  • Halloween Party 2013.
  • Rookie Comes Online.
  • New Club Penguin Times.
  • New EPF message.