New Puffle Coming New Month!

Polo Field posted a sneak peek of a new puffle coming next month. Here is the sneak peek:

I have seen pics of golden puffles doing the same pose as the puffle in the sneak peek.


EPF Post Week Coming Soon

If you want to know why I have not been posting, it’s because I’ve been finding cheats for a new EPF Post Week. So I am trying to find some puffle cheats, Herbert cheats, and EPF cheats. Right now I have not picked a time to post it, because I need to go back to that doctor on November 8. So I have three times that I might post it:

November 1-7

November 9-16

November 17-24

It is most likely going to be the middle one.


8 Year Anniversary Party Cheats

The 8 year anniversary party started and this time there are two free items. If you go to the Town then you will see a small part of the anniversary party. It looks like this:

Then when you go inside you can see the rest of the party. And it looks like this:

Here is a pic of where to get the hat, the yearbook, and the cake:

And here is a pic of where the background is:

The anniversary party ends in one week.


Operation Puffle?

There is a new video that Club Penguin posted called: ZOMG ZOMBIE PENGUINS. And at the end I found an EPF logo with the word Puffle on it. Here is a pic:

And here is a pic of the EPF logo:

Club Penguin also posted on the membership page that there will be a new thing for puffles next month.

If Operation Puffle is coming, next month there should be EPF items in Penguin Style.