Help Needed For Video!

Update: We are starting the video.

Update: We are going to start the real video in five minutes.

Update: We are practicing.

Update: We are start in fire or ten minutes.

Update: I am waiting for Fireballz19 we are in my igloo.

Update: 0 minute left!

Update: the video has to wait tomorrow. update: I have two times, Fireballz19 or anyone who joins before Saturday can pick. The times are: 5:00 pm and 5:00 am. All times are in Club Penguin Time. Server Sleet.

Update: I forgot to put this in the post – after Saturday, will will not be able to join the video.

I am trying to make a video but I need help making it. It is a fast fun part of a video, and all you need to do is have a hard hat! Here is a list of all the hard hats you can wear if you want to help:

  • Miners Helmet.
  • Yellow Hard Hat.
  • Red Hard Hat

If you want to help in this video, all you need to do is ask if you can help in a comment. Also, if you want to join but don’t have a hard hat, they are free at the Cave Mine. This post will also update with news about the video and other stuff like what time will the video start.


How To See if Your Item Has a Special Dance

When Club Penguin updated, they added a way to see if your item has a special dance. The button with the penguin sitting turns green. Then, when you click it, the button with the penguin dancing turns green. Here is a pic:

It does not work with items that you wave with though.

Rockhopper’s New Background and Player Card

You can now meet Rockhopper on Club Penguin. He has a new look and new background. Here is a pic of his new Background:

He also has a new player card, but a bug made it so you cant see it. But I do have a small part of it. Here is the part of his player card that I have:

Update: I had to meet Rockhopper, but I did get a pic of his full player card!


Club Penguin Updates Tomorrow

Club Penguin updates tomorrow. Here is a list of all the updates that will come:

  • Rockhopper comes.
  • New stage play.
  • New igloo items.
  • New Club Penguin Times.
  • New EPF message.

Also the My Penguin app might update with new items.


New Club Penguin Blog Post

Polo Field made a post on the Club Penguin blog. It is a Reviewed By You. They are asking what you most look forward to in school and why? They also posted this pic:

I think they may have asked this earlier this year.