Meet Up Times and Servers for Darth Herbert

I found some meet up times and servers on the Club Penguin blog. Darth Herbert will come to Club Penguin starting August 1. Here are the meet up times:

  • Thursday 1 August at 17:00 o’clock (Central European time), server Snowflake
  • Monday 5 August at 17:00 o’clock (Central European time), server ice age
  • Wednesday 7 August at 17:00 o’clock (Central European time), server ice age

If someone knows what time that is in Club Penguin time please say so in a comment. Also these servers are German servers.


How To Duel With Lightsabers

I said in my post with Star Wars Takeover cheats that you can duel penguins for coins. So I am posting how to do it. First you need to get a lightsaber. It is free, but to get it you have to click on a icon that looks like this:

After you get your lightsaber, then you dance to show other penguins that you want to duel. Or you can join a duel by clicking on the icon that looks like this:

Then you pick one of the arrows next to lightsaber.

Its a lot like Card Jitsu and the more you win the more items you get.


New Club Penguin Times and EPF Message

There is a new Club Penguin Times. It is about the Star Wars Takeover. There is also a new EPF message. It is from the Director and it says:

“Agents. Report to Tatooine to join the Rebel Alliance. The fate of the galaxy rests with you.”