Polo and Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest – Episodes 1 and 2

Club Penguin is doing a small Youtube TV show for the Card Jitsu Party. They already made parts one and two, so instead of copying and pasting two videos, I recorded the two and made it one video. Here is the video:

The party starts on Thursday.


Custom My Penguin Icons

Club Penguin made the app My Penguin but because I can’t get it I have been making my own icons. The icon for My Penguin looks like this:

Here are the ones I made:

The white penguin with the brown hair is me! I think I might make some for Club Penguin Wiki users.


Card Jitsu Snow Sneak Peek Video!

Club Penguin made a new video, it’s a sneak peek for Card Jitsu Snow. I cannot copy and paste it, so I recorded it myself. Here is the video:

Card Jitsu Snow comes in two weeks.


New Sensei Look Found

As you know, Card Jitsu Snow is coming and Club Penguin is making a new look for Sensei! And, I know what it looks like! Here is a pic:

I like the new outfit that Club Penguin made. I would make the pic bigger, but if it gets bigger it will be in pixels (Pixels are like small squares that make pics and shapes if you did not know).


My Penguin App Now Out!

The My Penguin app is now out! You can get items that you can only get by having the app! Club Penguin is working on making it for Android and for Iphones! Also you can have a snowball fight without having to getup and go to the computer. I don’t have it yet, but when I do get it this post will update with pics.


Snow is Coming

There is a new post on Club Penguin’s blog about Card Jitsu Snow! Also, Polo Field said “Starting this week Card Jitsu Fire and Water will be open to everyone.” And it is going to be a new nonmember game! If you think it is only for the party, it is not it is going to stay open for everyone too! Polo Field also posted a sneak peek of the party. Take a look:

Cool, right? I have two more sneak peeks. Take a look:




When this game comes out, I hope it will give me a free card like in Card Jitsu Fire and Water. P.S. The pin track will not update this week because I think there is a new pin coming tomorrow.