New Super Hero Costumes!

WARNING – If you don’t want to know what a lot of new costumes look like, don’t read this post. -Pup2602

Club Penguin has a new log off screen for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover! This might be all of the super costumes you will get at the party. Here is a pic:

Soon I will have all the Iron Man costumes!



Igloo Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin got a new igloo and new igloo items! The new igloo is a secret base. Here is the igloo:

Here are some pics of the new igloo items:

Ones with green clicks around then have a hidden item.


Club Penguin Updates Tomorrow

Club Penguin updates tomorrow! Here is a list of updates:

Igloo Furniture.

New EPF Message

*New Igloo or two.*

Ones that have * are ones that might not come. Also if you have any ideas for the blog, you can send ideas, I might use them!


Not Best Day for Post Week

Today I did not make a lot of posts for Post Week. There are three reasons why. The first thing is that I cannot come up with things to make. The next thing is I cannot find bugs or cheats on Club Penguin. Last is, I got a new game and I am finding out how to play it. Tomorrow, Club Penguin updates. So tomorrow there will be lots of posts! Also, tonight I will post the week updates Club Penguin does. Sorry that there were not a lot of posts today.


EPF Spy Phone Upgrade Custom

I came up with an upgrade for the new EPF spy phone. It is a Messages area. It makes it so you can talk to your friends that are EPF agents. Here are some pics I made:

It’s like texting and you can talk to penguins on a different server!



How to Play Ice Bricks on Club Penguin

I made a video showing how to play Ice Bricks on Club Penguin. I am still finding out how to work my new video program, so it is not the best 🙁 Here is the video:

I know its small, but right now its the best I can do. Also to play Ice Bricks you need to play mission 3.


Post Week Button For Girls

UPDATE: You cannot get it now.

I made a button for post week that’s blue and brown. But I thought that girls would not like that one, so I made a new one. Here is the old one and the new one:

The code for the blue one :


The code for the pink one:


These will only be out till Monday.