Happy Easter!

Where I am, it’s Easter! So, for fun I am going to hide eggs all over my site. This is not a contest, it is just for fun. Here is a pic of the eggs you will see:

More eggs will be coming up all day! The rainbow puffle eggs will be bigger than the penguin eggs. By tomorrow, all the eggs will be gone. Happy Easter!


Club Penguin History

I was looking at the history of Club Penguin and I found out a lot. I wanted to tell you about the old and start of Club Penguin so a made a little book. Its not that big. Here is the book:

Club Penguin History

You can print it. And, I made a cover too! Take a look:

It took a long time to find out all of the stuff I found in the book.


Do You Know Whats Coming? and This is my 100 Post!

I am leaving on a trip soon, but after that the blog will get videos every three weeks! Here is a sneak peek of the videos:

Do you know what I am up to? Also, if you have an idea for a video, you can tell me in the comments. And, this is my 100 post!


New Video – You Pick

I was going to make a new video but I do not know which one you like better. So I made a poll. I also made a pick for fun. Here is the pic I made:

I have three video ideas but I will make only one. You get to pick the video that will come! Here is the poll:

Which Video Idea Do You Want To Come?

View Results

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I will be leaving soon, on April 3, and will be out for about two weeks. When I get back I will see which one has the most votes. And, to give it a better chance of getting picked you can leave a comment saying which one you picked.



New Comic

I made a new comic for the comic page. Here is the comic:

This is what it says:

Yellow Puffle: I never mess up one painting.

Five Minutes Later.

Pup2602 or Rainbow Puffle: WOW not one mess up!

It is funny because it says “WOW not one mess up” when it is a painting of a penguin. If I can I will try to make one more comic before Thursday.



Pup2602’s Rainbow Puffle

Today I got the Rainbow Puffle! I also got all of the Puffle Care Quest items. Take a look:

I named the puffle Rainbow. I think you know why. And, if you go to the Puffle Play Zone, pick a Rainbow Puffle and your played card will look like this:

If you dance when you are a rainbow puffle, you can make a rainbow cloud.

If you put on all the items you got all the items from the Puffle Care Quest, you can do this cool dance.

If you get a Rainbow Puffle, try to keep it because you need to wait four days to get a new one. P.S. Penguins do not like hair cuts.



I Need To Restart My Puffle Care Quest – What To Do

I found a bug that makes you restart the Puffle Care Quest. Not a lot of penguins know what to do, but I do and it is easy. You need to go to a new server. The more parts you do the more it will happen, so do not click “Go There.” Instead of doing that, go to a new server. You might need to do it two times.